Windrush Celebrations 24th June

Thanks Alton Mcdonald for taking us through the harsh history behind our Windrush Sunday celebration. The British Empire relied economically on 2 million Africans sold into slavery in the Caribbean, of which only 20% survived. The celebration on Windrush Sunday means us now being able to join together at the Eucharist Table.


Save The Date - 15th September - Church v School Cricket Match


Please come along - it's a really fun day


Sunday 13th May

We congratulate Richard and Isobel Platings on their 40th Wedding Anniversary. They were married at St Stephen’s on May 13th 1978 and they joined us on Sunday May 13th this year to celebrate their Anniversary at St Stephen’s. They have sent us these photographs of the event.

Sunday April 22, 2018

Harry and policeman.jpg

We were joined by members of our local policing team

Here Hal Welcomes PC Paul Davis