Prayers For Lent

pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:16)


Monday February 19th    

For elderly people at home suffering from fuel poverty and who have not turned their heating on at home this winter.

Tuesday February 20th  

For homeless people sleeping out on cold winter streets

Wednesday February 21st    

For those who are trafficked For slavery and are living in fear

Thursday February 22nd

For those who are victims of uninvestigated crime

Friday February 23rd

Pope announces a day of prayer, fasting For Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan

Saturday February 24th

For those who don’t have enough food to eat

Sunday February 25th

For those persecuted For their faith

Monday February 26th

(Fairtrade Fortnight begins) we pray For victims of economic injustice

Tuesday February 27th

For those who suffering the affects of climate-change

Wednesday February 28th

For the bereaved left learning to live without a loved one

Thursday March 1st   

For areas of the world affected by environmental damage

Friday March 2nd

For people who have been divorced and the effect it has had on the families

Saturday March 3rd   

For the wisdom and justice For the governments

Sunday March 4th

For those who are victims of domestic abuse

Monday March 5th

For those who are victims of bullying of any type

Tuesday March 6th

For those who are victims of sexual abuse

Wednesday March 7th

For government wisdom and country tolerance over Brexit

Thursday March 8th

(International Women’s day) For women who have no voice and are ignored at work or in society

Friday March 9th

For those who are isolated and who feel lonely

Saturday March 10th

(Fairtrade Fortnight ends), For those who are bonded labourers or slaves       

Sunday March 11th

(Mothering Sunday) For those isolated because of menstruation, childbearing or infertility

Monday   March 12th

For those who face prejudice because of their sexual orientation

Tuesday March 13th

For those whose poverty limits access to medicine

Wednesday March 14th

For those who are suffering dementia or Alzheimer’s

Thursday March 15th

For those who are mentally ill and suffer from issues of mental health

Friday March 16th

For all who work in the National Health Service

Saturday March 17th

For children to learn how to use the Internet well

Sunday March 18th

For human rights activists in authoritarian regimes

Monday March 19th

For those who are orphansor have no family

Tuesday March 20th

For those who are racially abused

Wednesday March 21st

For those who face discrimination because of disability

Thursday March 22nd

For the work of Food banks

Friday March 23rd

For those excluded from school and missing out on their education

Saturday March 24th

For those who are being bullied at school

Sunday March 25th (Palm Sunday),

That we might play a part in giving the voiceless a voice

Monday March 26th

For those who are refugees fleeing war

Tuesday March 27th

For those detained in prison without meaningful trial

Wednesday March 28th

For those who are illegal immigrants

Thursday March 29th (Maundy Thursday)

For those who are prisoners of conscience

Friday March 30th

(Good Friday) For those who are tortured and those in prison