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Welcome to the web site for St Stephen and St Thomas (with St Michael & St George) in Shepherd's Bush, London. Shepherd's Bush is an exciting place to live with a vibrant and mixed community. St Stephen's is a church that is fluid at the edges and strong in the centre; the diversity of the church membership is one of the distinctive characteristics of the congregation. The church offers a Eucharist with a ministry of healing every Sunday at 10am. The service blends Anglo-catholic liturgy with evangelical preaching and is geared for growth, both outwardly in terms of new members and inwardly in terms of deepening people's faith, knowledge and love of God.


St Stephen's is situated on the junction of Coverdale Road and Uxbridge Road (W12 8JJ). If you come you will meet one of our two priests. Bob is also a writer with several books and column inches to his name (see ‘publications’) and is married to Sylvie. Anne is mother of two adult children and lives just north of the Westway. There are Alpha Courses in the week and incense in church on Sundays. There are opportunities to volunteer and the chance to learn the best of the church's traditions along with the most recent of contemporary insights. Relax with the ritual, savour the sermon, enjoy the Eucharist - St Stephens on Sundays at 10am - connect with the community and keep it local



Over Holy Week this year, we are holding a number of services celebrating the Eucharist.

Sunday 29th March - Palm Sunday

10 am (St S) & 11 am (St M)                

We read together the Passion Narrative - the story of Holy Week.

Monday - Wednesday (30th-1st)

9 am: Morning Prayer

5.30 am: Evening Prayer.

Maundy Thursday (April 2nd)

6.30 pm We share a meal together in the Parish Hall at St Stephen’s re-enacting the Last Supper with washing of feet and Communion before we go into the church for a period of quiet prayer.

Good Friday (April 3rd)

10.30 am             We meet at each of the two churches at for our Walk of Witness, carrying the cross to Shepherd’s Bush Green and joining with other local churches for a short service.

11.30 am We invite you to St Stephen’s to spend three hours being still and listening to  meditations and music reflecting on the seven utterances Jesus made from the cross

Easter Day (April 5th)

5.30 am   Sunrise Easter service @ St Michael’s, followed by breakfast

10 am (St S) & 11 am (St M)  Our joyful Eucharist celebrations of Jesus rising from the dead.



The Parish Church of St Stephen and St Thomas is a registered charity no. 1133759