As you come into church you will be given a service sheet, a hymn book and a notice sheet (‘The Bush Telegraph’).  The service sheet will take you through the service and show where there are responses for the congregation to make.  Some of these are sung, and are led by the choir, but everyone is invited to join in. 

The readings and formal prayers (Collect and post Communion Prayer) set for that particular Sunday are included in the Bush Telegraph.  There will be a sermon, typically by one of the two vicars, prayers led by a member of the congregation and at the part of the service called The Peace, we greet each other in the name of Jesus. 

At the Communion we welcome Christians of all traditions to receive the bread and the wine. If you have not been confirmed into the Church of England, we invite you to come forward to receive a blessing. If you would like a blessing please bow your head and place your hands behind your back.   We bless children as they come to the front in their family groups.